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HACIA Trip Report HACIA 报道

  Dear Parents, Students and Staff.

  It is a great pleasure to inform you of a new initiative introduced into Shenzhen College this year and indeed a first for Chinese students, the Harvard University Association for Integrating Inter-American Democracy, the 2009 HACIA Summit of the Americas.

  On March 17th, fifteen AS and two younger G2 students accompanied by Shenzhen College staff will depart  Hong Kong Airport bound for the Summit of the Americas, held this year at the Five star Camino Real Santa Fe Hotel in Mexico City.

  Run by undergraduates of Harvard University since 1997, HACIA provides a unique opportunity for students to participate in a three day committee based Government simulated debate, covering current developmental and economic issues. With top Private Schools attending from across the Northern hemisphere, our students will undoubtedly socialize, share cultural experiences and knowledge in what will indeed be a challenging, but rewarding schedule of 16 hours of political government debate.

  It is by no means a holiday, but a preparation for higher education and an insight into the rigorous requirement of academic research and study. During the course of the summit, students play the roles of actual delegates attending real committee meetings. Each of the six committees have a specific mandate, and participating student’s debate two issues from topics designated by Harvard University. Each international committee has approximately thirty-five students. Two Harvard undergraduates produce bulletins and updates for the participants, and moderate the proceedings using standard parliamentary procedure. During committee sessions, students will deliver speeches, debate issues, and draft agreements. 

  Such was Harvard’s support for Shenzhen College’s involvement, Harvard undergraduate and Chair on the Committee for Hemispheric security, Manuel Rincon-Cruz, visited the College in January, hosting a weekend training session for the participating students. Not only did Manuel provide valuable insights into HACIA’s parliamentary  procedures, but also gave an in-depth talk on the application process for Harvard University itself.
  为表示对我校学生的支持,Manuel Ricon-Cruz, 哈佛大学学生及半球安全委员会的主席,一月份访问了我校,并在周末为学生们举行了培训会。他不仅向大家介绍了HACIA议会程序的宝贵知识,也讲述了申请哈佛大学的经验。

  Individual research is concluded with a 1,000 word Position Paper explaining the position of their nominated country regarding the problem at hand by indicating what strategy or strategies their country favors in addressing the problem.

  The HACIA summit is run under strict conditions, as each student will be closely monitored by Harvard undergraduates for an Outstanding Delegate Award. Of course it is not all hard work, the events organizers prepare a full, in-house program of evening entertainment ensuring the security and well being of each delegate. Indeed, a number of participating students are currently preparing a surprise show for the weekends, Talent Show..


  While this year represents a unique opportunity for our A1 students gain an insight into Harvard University and the caliber of students they will compete against for a university place. For G2 student Jane HACIA represents an opportunity to return to next years conference, along with her advancing G2 peer group as Junior Chair.

  Finally, no visit to Mexico City can be complete without a visit to the Pyramid of the Sun, the largest building in the Aztec Teotihuacán complex and one of the largest Pyramids in Mesoamerica.

  During our student’s final days, lets hope the HACIA summit and Mexico experience provides an inspiration for them to build their own temple of success, and fulfill their aspirations in Higher Education..

  Mexico Itinerary
  Tuesday 17th March Depart Hong via
   Paris arrive Mexico City
  Wednesday 18th March
  Thursday, March 19th Visit Mexico
  Anthropological Museum
  Late night registration
  Friday, March 20th
  Summit of the Americas Conference
  Morning Registration 早点名
  Opening Ceremony (Breakfast) 开幕式
  4 x 1.5 Hour Committee Session
  Evening Dinner and Karaoke (KTV) Night
  Saturday, March 21th
  4 x 1.5 Hour Committee Session
  Evening Dinner and Talent Show
  Sunday, March 22th
  3 x 1.5 Hour Committee Session
  Summit of the Americas Closing Ceremony
  Evening Dinner and Dance 晚餐及舞会
  Monday March 23rd Visit to the
  Pyramid of the Sun.
  Tuesday March 24th Visit to Xochimilco
  Return to Shenzhen

  To follow the conference and our student’s progress use the link.

   We at  Shenzhen College look forward to the April edition of the SCIE magazine to report on our students experience during the conference itself.
                                                      By  Ian
                                       经济学教师:Charles Ian Howgill


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