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HACIA Returns HACIA 归来

   The students who attended the 2009 HACIA Summit of the Americas returned to SCIE on March 24th with some unique experiences and strong feelings.

  出席2009年美国HACIA峰会的同学们于324日回到SCIE, 带着他们独特的体验和强烈的感受。

  A group interview, about their trip, was held with all the participants by Ms. Deng Hanneg, a reporter from Shenzhen Daily, on April 2nd. Before questioning began, Mr. Ian Howgill, the Commerce Teacher who organised the whole event, addressed the students, “It was a new experience for all of you, and a challenge as well. I have no doubt that what you have learnt will be remembered for many years to come.”

  42号,深圳日报邓记者就本次HICIA 之行对所有出席人员进行了团体采访。采访开始之前,组织本次活动的经济组老师伊恩说道:“这对你们来说是一种新的体验,同时也是一次挑战。我坚信你们今后许多年都会一直记住从中所学到的东西。”

  At the Summit in Mexico City, students from SCIE were divided into delegates of various committees during committee sessions, and they all represented different countries to deliver speeches, draft resolutions, and debate issues with students from other countries, including English-speaking ones..

  In the course of the interview, many students elaborated on cultural differences, thinking patterns and language abilities between them and students from other countries. “I found on the first day that I could only make a statement if I mustered all of my strength, and other delegates would only listen to me if they thought I was confident and convincing.“ said Jason Qin, who was one of the delegates on the Human Rights Committee, in a pensive tone. Regrettably, Jason did not make any point on the first day; however he tried his best to be stronger and cooperate with others in the following two days, gaining the chance of arguing points of view and attaining some benefit for his represented country. 
  在采访的过程中,很多学生非常详细地叙述他们与其他国家学生的文化差异,思维方式以及语言能力。人权委员会的代表Jason Qin愁眉苦脸地说道:“第一天的时候,只要我竭尽全力就能陈述好自己的观点,只要我表现地自信而有说服力,其他代表就会认真听取我的观点。遗憾地是,Jason在第一天的时候没有发表任何观点,不过在接下来的两天内,他尽力让自己变得更强大,更积极地配合其他代表,争取辩论的机会,为所代表国争取更大的利益。

  Ivy, another delegate on Woman's Rights Committee, said, “The motion raised by other foreign delegates could be more realistic and relevant to the situation of their own countries. The partial reason that we were not able to gain approval from others initially is that we all thought in a realistic way.”

  From what these students were saying, it is apparent that such differences are due to the different kinds of education received by Chinese and American students, which was the main barrier for Chinese students to gain support in this summit. For American students, idealism is supported and encouraged, but the Chinese education system does not always allow students to be creative and idealistic. Even so, Ivy still gained support from her foreign partners, and they became friends through this cooperation .

  All the HACIA students agreed that although the food there was not great, the trip as a whole was unforgettable and beneficial. They overcame difficulties to make their voices heard, to show their own talents, and to achieve agreement with others. The broadened horizons and improved courage will accompany HACIA students throughout their lives!
  本次参加HICIA的同学一致认为,虽然在那里吃得不怎么样,但是总得说来,本次活动还是受益匪浅,令人难忘的。他们克服困难,说出自己的观点,展示自己的才华。 这些眼界和勇气将一直伴随着他们。
                             王玉澄Jerry G2-3


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