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SCIE 2009运动会 SCIE Sports Meeting 2009

      The most anticipated sporting event of the year, the Sports Meeting, successfully ended on Saturday, November 21st. Different from the ones before, which were held over the two-day weekend, the Sports Meeting this year had some of the competitions, including a number of track and field events, as well as the fun games, distributed in after-school hours from Monday to Friday.
          令人期待的SCIE 2009年运动会于11月21日星期六成功闭幕。与往年不同的是,这次运动会有很多比赛项目,包括田径、趣味游戏等,安排在周一至周五课后时间进行。

          Introduced by Erica Wei, the head of the Sports Department in the Student Union, Executive Principal Longmont Xu began the Sports Week with a starting gun on Monday November 16th. In contrast to the cold weather on the day, the students generated a scotching hot atmosphere. Crowds of spectators cheered on their athletes with screams and screeches, particularly when a tough race was won. In the side tracks and other un-used areas, competing students were warming up and having their last practice run before the real thing. An army of officials, many of them students, were busy calling, clocking, marshalling, measuring, recording, and generally doing what needed done. Our small sports field was a hive of activity everyday from 16.30 to 18.00 leading up to the Sports Day Saturday. In the process, a large chunk of regular competition was completed, leaving the need for only one dedicated sports day.

           Even though the cold and gloomy weather continued into the big day on Saturday, all staff and students were raring to go from 8am on the big sports field, which the school hired for this occasion and which is only across the road from our campus. After a short opening ceremony, things heated up with different competitions starting to unfold. Then around mid-morning, scores of students led by staff, returned to our own campus, preparing a big barbecue lunch for all, around 700 people. When lunch was served, everyone enjoyed a wonderful meal with barbecued chicken wings, corn on the cob, fried rice and salad on offer.
        The Sun finally came out of the clouds in the afternoon, as competition continued after lunch. When the final and most crowd-pulling event, the 4 x 100 metre races, were completed the highest scoring classes were announced. G2-4 and A1-6 took the top honour for G level and A level respectively. Brandon, form G2-4, the champion class, described their success as the result of cooperation and team spirit. He added that although many athletes were injured during competition, they still enjoyed it.

          下午,太阳终于露脸了,比赛仍然继续。随着最后的比赛,也是最激动人心的比赛,4 x 100米接力结束后,颁奖开始了。G2-4和A1-6班分别获得G年级和A年级的总分第一名。G2-4班的Brandon说,他们的成功归源于他们的合作和团队精神。他还补充道,虽然很多运动员受伤了,但是他们还是乐此不疲。
           The success of the Sports Meeting would not have been possible without the student helpers on all sorts of matters, including organising with teachers beforehand, dancing at the opening ceremony and football match , officiating at races and cooking that great lunch The head of the Sports Department, Erica Wei, expressed her sincere thanks to all the helpers. She said, “It is another great example where students of SCIE displayed their ability, dedication and team work.”  
                                                         Leo Liu 刘通A1-2


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