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期末考试 End-of-Semester Examinations


The first semester came to a close as the End of Semester Exams ended. As the new semester begins, we interviewed Mr. Robert Copeland from the Education Administration Office on the EOS exams.
第一学期以期末考试的完结宣告结束。新学期伊始,我们针对期末考试采访了教务处的Robert Copeland先生。
 When asked about the timetable arrangement, Mr. Copeland said, “Ideally, the exam timetable should be as balanced as possible with as many subjects represented as possible on each exam day,” Mr. Copeland said. ”However, special consideration is given for exam papers that have long-essay type answers because they take longer to mark. Most of those papers are usually given closer to the beginning of the exam period. Multiple-choice, true-false and short answer papers might appear later in the exam period.”
当被问及考试时间安排的时候,Robert Copeland先生说到:“最理想的是,考试的每一天都能够达到各个学科之间的平衡。但是,需要进行长篇阐述的题目因为需要较长时间来评分,所以需要给与特别考虑。大多数这类考卷在考试期的最前时段就考完了。多选题,是非题和简答题会在考试后期相继给出。”
 Regarding concerns on any possible cheating acts, Mr. Copeland answered with confidence, “There were no confirmed instances of cheating officially reported to me in these exams.”
对于是否有作弊现象,Robert Copeland先生自信的说:“目前我还没接到任何学生作弊的报告。”
 When we asked about the process after the exams we­re finished, Mr. Copeland explained. “Once the exams are finished, the papers are marked by every teacher in their respective departments. The results are given to the HOD's of the departments who check the papers for any errors in marking. They also make sure the student comments made by the teachers are properly constructed. The marks, comments and all other student reports are placed by me in the student database where they are converted into the master student reports. These reports are checked and rechecked by HOD's and senior management to ensure they are correct. However, human error does occur occasionally and there are inevitably a few mistakes which are corrected nearly always before the report cards are issued.”  



(Continued from previous page 接上页)当我们问及考试结束之后的安排,Robert Copeland先生解释道:“考试一旦结束,不同学科的老师会分别给考卷评分。之后再由各学科组长进行核查,同时确保给学生的评语很得当。分数,评语和其他所有的学生报告都由我存进学生的资料库,从而转化成原始学生档案。这些档案会被各学科组长核实和复核以确定无误。人为的失误偶尔也会出现,但是总是能在成绩单寄出之前被更正。”
 Mr. Copeland then talked about the scores. “The overall scores for G-level were about the same. A-level scores were slightly lower.” He then went on to explain, “This is probably due, in part, from stricter English language requirements and a higher level of overall knowledge needed to achieve passing marks this term. We expect the lower scores to go up by year’s end if students put forth the effort necessary to rise above their own expectations.”
Robert Copeland先生随后又谈及分数,“和去年相比,G年级整体的分数基本相同,A年级的分数普遍比较低。”他又继续解释道,“这可能是因为今年对英语的要求比较严格和达到及格的学术要求有所提高而造成的。我们希望成绩低的同学通过努力,在本学期结束的时候成绩会超出他们自己的预期。”
 When speaking about how to get good exam grades, Mr. Copeland stressed, “ENGLISH, ENGLISH, ENGLISH! Improving English levels is of paramount importance for every kind of exam, internal or external. It is not fun to study English all the time if there is not something interesting attached to it. Seek out some creative ways to communicate with others in English- inside and outside of school; and ASK for additional help from teachers if you need it. No request is too great to give students what they need.”
我们又问道如何取得好成绩,Robert Copeland先生强调,“英语!英语!英语!提高英语水平对每一科考试都是极为重要,校内考试也好,国际考试也好。如果从学英语的过程中发现不到乐趣的话,那么学习英语的过程就会很无聊。寻找一些有创意的办法让自己能在校园内外用英语与他人交流,需要帮助的时候尽管问老师。老师的责任是就帮助学生。”
 In the end, Mr. Copeland expressed some of his hopes. “We are at an important point in the school's development. The school will no longer be just a highly respected senior High School in China. It is destined shortly to rank highly in international circles as we integrate with outside academic organizations and institutions. To this end, we are promoting our students’ successes in every way possible. A well-rounded education is vital in current times and we will do everything in our power to ensure every student receives maximum results in their educational experience at SCIE.”
最后,Robert Copeland先生表达了他的希望,“我们现在正处于学校发展的重要时刻。学校将不仅仅是中国的一所著名高中,我们在不远的将来在世界范围内的国际高中也会名列前茅,因为我们已经和各种国际教育组织交往并接轨了。为了达到此目的,我们将努力使学生全面发展。全面发展是当今教育的关键,为此我们也将尽我们最大的努力让学生取得最好的成绩。”
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