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【SCIE Website 9月17日讯】阳光热烈的暑期已经结束,一次遥远的旅程也刚刚画上句号,一段难忘的记忆却才刚刚开始……
世界中学生领袖训练营,美国名校入学训练营--------- 这是一份从未有过的体验与学习,因为我们学习生活在一群太过响亮的名校校园: 哈佛, 耶鲁,斯坦福,哥伦比亚,UC Berkeley, UCLA,康奈尔大学; 因为我们能有机会亲耳聆听来自这些如雷贯耳的名校名师的演讲以及美国社会,政治,经济,科技等行业精英与领袖的成功分享。难忘的记忆更来自我们有机会和来自世界各地的优秀学生一起组成团队开展各种项目活动,学做未来世界的领袖,体验和了解美国的大学并最终成了朋友。
A hot but sunny holiday has passed, a distant trip has also finished, but an unforgettable memory just starts…
…… this is a kind of learning and experience that we have never had; we were studying and living in a group of world-famous university campuses: Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Colombia, UC Berkeley, Cornell and UCLA; Leadership Summit and College Admission Preparation Program----we were listening to the lectures presented by masters in those universities and sharing the success and experience with elites of American society, politics, economics and science. We had the chance to make friends with distinguished students from all over the world, to do team work together, to learn the leadership, and to experience and explore top American universities.
We have too much wonderful time to be remembered, too many stories to be shared. A point-and-shoot camera can’t give you more fancy photos, but they are truly originally created, they are the records of our every wonderful time of every day in America. 
Welcome to share with us, welcome to our leadership program, welcome to our journey to explore American top universities!
Visit Intel company
Challenge yourself
Lab experience
我们也可以在美国顶尖名校---- 斯坦福大学----做实验实验成功了,how happy we are!
我们在美国最顶尖的公立大学----加州大学洛杉矶分 UCLA
Hi! Columbia University!
We are coming for business!
我们参与的活动就是leadership summit in business at Columbia University. 要想在美国投资,首先必须要了解美国的经济,众所周知,纽约是美国的经济中心和文化中心,想要找商机,那当然要先要纽约看看啦。所以,纽约我来了!
The work is hard, but it is interesting too. We are tired, but we are exciting and happy. We are not the cleverest, but we are the hardest students. Hold on, Success is around the corner. 
我们的努力,我们的认真,我们的付出,相信你们看得见,努力了,就不会后悔!Oh, yeah, we made it!
We are study SAT at UC Berkeley!
We really like the teachers at UC Berkeley. They are of tremendous help. We like how this program prepares each and every one of us for universities.
Our class begins. It’s really quite different to study with foreign students. They are active and creative. I learned a lot from them.
I like the modern city, San Francisco, with the most excellent universities, such as Stanford University and UC Berkeley.
Columbia University, one of the top academic and research institutions in the world, attracts students and faculty from 150 countries to engage with one another on campus and beyond. Columbia is surely an environment that nurtures great intellect. The beautiful campus, with grassy greens and a myriad of comfortable places to gather, is a magnificent gem in upper Manhattan.
SAT Prep by the Princeton Review& Daily Writing Classes. A talented team of experienced college admissions professionals, skilled essay writing faculty and excellent SAT instructors from the Princeton Review will guide us through a rigorous and rewarding curriculum.
College Advising & College Visits
A series of comprehensive college admissions
workshops will help us better understand
ourselves as we learn more about the admissions process. College visits will provide us with a sampling of different types of institutions - public, private, large, small, urban, suburban - and give us a better idea of what is right for us.
Leadership in Action at Harvard
Prepare for an active role in our community’s leadership through this hands-on summit. Start by identifying our leadership strengths, then bolster our skills through interactive workshops and fact-filled presentations from experts. Return home with a concrete plan to make a difference.
During the summit, We will live on a renowned college campus, experience the sights and sounds of the local area, and take part in a local service project to give back to our hosts. Along the way, create a great new network of friends from all over the world.
“Over the week I learned a lot.
I met new people and saw new things.
I learned how to be a student leader
and what kind of leader I am.”
 ------ David Yang

                                                                                                        -------- 刘逸丰   



It was basically a nice trip, according to Willy, involving lots of visits, meetings, etc. More importantly, this experience was enhanced by complete English communications environment, and an insight into real American life, both in campus and places outside. 
Although some schedules seemed a bit tight and too short, like the visit to Hollywood Walk of Fame, as Willy talked about, this trip was still full of fun and interesting challenges.
美国夏令营感想 之UC Berkeley学员篇 
傍晚的4点到6点,是essay writing的课,这对我来说是一个不小的挑战,因为之前在学校从来没有接触过essay,我们只是简单地写一些小作文,而几页纸的essay我是第一次接触,要我写我完全摸不着头脑,不过还好的是,老师只是先让我们看别人的essay,自己试着写一小段的文章,在最后几节课的时候开始选择一个主题写一整篇了,最后一节课时,我拿着自己修改了3遍,有整整两张纸的essay,自己也觉得不可思议,是自己的一大突破。
    在这个暑期课程中,我选择了两门课程,一门是写作,一门是工程。Summer Course结束,我拿到了这两门课的学分,都是B。对这个成绩,刚开始我有点不满意,可是后来听老师说,康奈尔大学的学生和我学的是一样的的课程,像我这样的中学生能拿到B已经非常不错了,而且我的学分可以带到任何其他常春藤大学,心里立马觉得非常开心!可是时间还真是快,眨眼我就要和亲爱的新同学们说再见,和康奈尔大学说再见了!不过我会一直想念你们的。希望我们明年再见面,在炙热的夏天里,在美丽的康奈尔大学校园里再次相会。

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