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Neil Mobsby
Neil Mobsby

Welcome to Shenzhen College of International Education, whether you are new students or their parents, prospective families or new and prospective staff. This is an exciting year for us as we enter our brand new, purpose-built campus. I have been with SCIE for the last 11 of our 17 years of operation and I have seen our plans for the new campus grow from the first tentative stages of ideas. We have gone through a number of years of architect designs and government permissions before settling on this, our final design. Then there have been the last 2 and a half years of the construction itself - it’s been quite a nervous time, worrying about all the details and whether anything will go wrong but finally the dreams are coming true and SCIE begins its new chapter of life in Antuoshan.

As well as welcoming those of you who are, or potentially are, new I would also like to reinforce our welcome to those of our students, their parents and our staff coming with us from our old campus and to give my most sincere thanks for their continuing support. I know many of us have fond memories of Shuiwei that will never be forgotten but we all have the chance to begin fresh good memories from our new location.

With the new campus come new opportunities from new facilities. Our academic departments have fresh, new resources and locations to help our students develop their studies and I am sure we are going to be amazed with future achievements, whether it be tremendous performances in our 750 seat theatre, amazing art creations that we can display, scintillating science projects in the laboratories, we will certainly see plenty of creativity across our classes in the years to come.

SCIE is not just about academic success and at our new campus we believe that our students should be learning social responsibility as well as initiative and this applies to our excellent extra-curricular programme where many students are given the opportunities to take responsibility for their own interests, whether it be charity support, one of our whole school spectacular events or other club activities. The new campus gives us so many opportunities to create new events and activities and to start new traditions for our alumni to remember fondly when they return to visit us.

Our pastoral system is also taking the opportunity to develop, with time given to the form tutors to mentor their students and a stronger, supportive boarding system to encourage our students to develop the skills they need in life and to become independent active global citizens.

As you look through these pages, enjoy the enthusiasm you will see amongst our students, and staff, and the joy they have experienced at SCIE and if you were with us participating in the classes, activiites, events, trips or just having fun, then treasure your memories and think of the events and good memories we will have at SCIE in the future. Enjoy.








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